: Over drive gears/brakes/building heat

11-14-04, 12:01 PM
Is it just me, or does the car not shift into over drive at certain speeds, lets say 40 or 50 MPH?

The only time I experieneced over drive, was when I was doing 20 or 30 MPH and stomped it, and it took off.

But, at 40 or 50, I dont hear anything, or feel anything it seems. In the manual it says you have to shift down for 'more power', or 'even more power', but I am suprised it doesnt down shift automatically. Let's say if your going to pass someone on a 2 lane highway, you would shift into over drive so you wouldnt lose time, but lets just say you need to floor it I would imagine the car would do it by itself.

Brakes, I am impressed by the power of these brakes. I have no nose dive what so ever, the brake pedal has alot of reponse. I was doing 30 or 35 MPH and hit the brakes, ABS didnt come on, at least I dont think it came on, I didnt hear any wheel lock up either. But, this may be credited to the weight distribution on the car, anyone happen to know what they may be??? I can tell you on the 00 Ford Taurus I drive, you hit the brake pedal ABS will come on, the car will do a nose dive. Does the ABS pump on the Fleetwood make noise, I didnt even feel any pulsating.

Lastly, I had to be at work at 7:00 AM this morning, so I left a 6:30 AM in the morning. The car does take awhile to build heat, I drove about a 1 mile doing 30-35 MPH before heat started to kick on, the temp was only about 65 or 70 outside, I cant imagine what it will be like when the weahter is in the 30's or 40's, but I will be able to test out the heated seats. But, I really love the climate control and how it adjust the fan, and the temperature, it just keeps everything perfect. I think I had something stick closed, because when I tried to turn the A/C on, air kept blowing out the defrost hole even though it was off. After shutting the system off and turning the air back on again, all was well.

11-14-04, 04:17 PM
It will kick down automatically. That is not what is considered overdrive. Overdrive is just your fourth gear engaging. If you doing 50 mph and your at light throttle the car will be in overdrive or fourth gear. If you get on the gas pedal when in overdrive the car will downshift or kickdown, Thats when you feel the car take off.

My car alsotook a while to warm up even after I changed the thermostat. I think its just normal. It doesn't really bother me I have remote start so my car is usually running before I get to it. I usually leve the climate at 74 In the summer the car gets cool and in the winter the car gets warm...

The brakes on our cars are actually okay but if you get into a situation where your doing a lot of braking, you will notice brake fade...