: 5,000$ in suspension work. WTF!

02-17-12, 01:23 PM
So I called Cadillac to see if I have Electronic Suspension and I do. I asked how much is it to replace the shocks and struts. 2,400$ for the front and 2,000 for the rear and the kicker is that is BEFORE LABOR! There HAS to be a better way. I do not want to compromise the electronic suspension, but I do not have money like that. I know they need to be replaced as one of my friends got in the back of the car and we went down the driveway and SERIOUSLY scraped the ground. What other options are out there? HELP!


After banging my head against my desk in total disbelief. I called my local mechanic. He told me to simply put regular shocks on the front and air struts on the back as the back of the car is the only part that has the air ride. He states he truly feels after owning 4 Cadillacs the electronic stability part does nothing. He states the ride height in the back of the car will not be high and I will still have EXCELLENT ride quality. He states he can replace front and rear for 750$ and will show me how to place the resistor in the line to get rid of that damned code. Is this information correct?

02-17-12, 03:09 PM
Yes it is. I currently have a '99 Eldo with the rear air shocks removed and replaced with passive units. The car rides great, and as long as no one puts a hitch on it and tows with it, no one would ever know the difference without looking.

And, FWIW, for most people, I personally agree with your mechanic - the rear leveling system is more of a nuisance than anything. Most drivers don't take advantage of the benefits it offers. I doubt you'll miss it when it's gone.

02-17-12, 05:17 PM
Two sides to this coin.

Your car originally sold for about $50,000+ and that is the pricing level at which original Cadillac suspension parts and labor will hover around - not AutoZone prices.

BUT, if you want to defeat the ride and handling originally built into the car there are several ways to skin the cat. Front struts (MacPherson struts, a suspension component) can be replaced with less expensive active Monroe units or with considerably less expensive passive units from several manufacturers. The rear shocks (not struts in these cars) perform two separate functions: ride control and rear ride height control. Depending on how often you carry extra loads in the trunk or rear seat will dictate if you want/need to retain adjustable rear height control.

Do some homework in Discussions, Item Specific: Suspension or Cadillac Tech Tips. There are threads in those many pages which address suspension maintenance and workarounds.

Understand that if you choose to go to a strictly passive suspension system you lose a large portion of the safety and control originally built into the car. There's considerably more to your active suspension system than merely bump control - a LOT more.

02-17-12, 05:35 PM
i can possibly get you suspension parts at a much cheaper price ... if they're still available, which i assume they are since you've already had them checked by your dealer

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