: 2001 DeVille rear uppper control arm replace

02-14-12, 10:30 AM
I have been searching for the procedure to replace the rear upper control arm on my base model DeVille. http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=2783466

My concern is the mounting bolts toward the center of the vehicle. There doesn't seem to be enough space to get the bolt out so I began searching for a how to and have been unable to find any instructions. It almost appears that I need to loosen the rear suspension sub frame from the body and lift the body up away from the sub frame to get the needed room. If anyone knows the procedure I would appreciate the help.



02-17-12, 06:19 PM
For the 2002 Seville the entire rear suspension sub frame needs to be lowered, along with the entire exhaust system. Bummer.