: How Does The ATS Sound

02-11-12, 08:52 PM

02-12-12, 05:04 AM
While certainly better than nothing, that video, doesn't tell me much. With the exhaust pipe connected to venting, what mostly was heard, was the engine mechanicals, which in my opinion sounded really good. Then you have two sounds to consider; the sound as the ATS passes by and the sound that the driver hears (inside the vehicle) at different throttle opening (and rates of, shall we say, enthusiasm). In any case, thanks for sharing the video.

02-13-12, 08:29 PM
V8 lover approves this noise.

I also love the brembo's Cadillac's chosen. They're beefier looking than the 4 pots, which always looked 'tiny' to me for some reason.

02-13-12, 10:47 PM
That's a V6.

They can tune it however they want. I had a CTS4 and a Camaro LT. Same exact powertrain. They sounded completely different from each other. And my Enclave is basically the same engine, and sounds like neither the CTS nor the Camaro.

0AT E03
02-16-12, 07:54 PM
Most of the sound comes from the routing of the exhaust.

After that resonators and muffler size factor in.

This is how for example you get a deeper sound out of a CTS-V or Camaro versus a Corvette.