: Difference between fully loaded 05 denali and escalade

11-13-04, 08:39 AM
I know the following:
- Body looks.
- Touch screen Nav.
- HID.

I am more interested in REAL differnces. I have checked the fully loaded yukon and it even has StabiliTrak.

I just want to know what justifies the difference in the price.

Any help is really appreciated.

11-13-04, 11:26 AM
Actually the denali also has touch screen navigation available.
The major differences are horsepower and torqe and the warranty
Caddy has a longer warranty by like a year and 12k I think Thats what it is not sure about the numbers.
One thing that is nicer about the denali in my opinion is the 2 tone leather.
Either one is a nice choice in my opinion.

11-13-04, 01:02 PM
I've owned both and the big differences I noticed are the power... Escalade has about 10% more. The transmission is much smoother in the Escalade. The shift points on the Denali were not right. The HID lights are super cool and the backup assist thing is kinda handy too. The satisfaction of not havin the second best truck around is nice too. :)

11-13-04, 03:03 PM
denali doesnt come with backup sensors?

11-13-04, 04:50 PM
denali doesnt come with backup sensors?

Also, for 2005 there is only a 10hp diff. 335 vs 345

11-14-04, 05:00 PM
I can get the fully loaded yukon (but with vortec 5300/324hp) over here for around $39,600.
While the fully loaded escalade is something like $54,120.

But since I just figured out how I could customize the yukon with various engines/suspension options. I think I will have to pay the dealer a visit to see what their fully loaded has.

But just before I go, does the yukon come with the same hydra-matic transmission as the escalade? And can the it be configured with the same suspension? I don't think the yukon has a road sensing suspension which I believe should give the escalade a better ride.

Thanks all for the help :)

11-15-04, 07:58 AM
I know several people with the 5.3 engine, due to the lower torque they are always on the gas giving them poor fuel mileage, at least 3 mpg less around town than I get. :(

11-16-04, 07:42 PM
my escalade is quieter than my cousin's denali. and it has more power and a smoother ride. and even though it doesn't look much different, there are small changes inside that make it 'feel' like a cadillac and you know it's not the second best truck.