: 500 inch crank hub thread size?

02-10-12, 02:41 PM

Wondering if anyone can enlighten me as to the exact size of the threads (pitch and shank)
on a 76 Eldo 500 crank snout? Need to source the correct bolt size for installation of the
hub on a fresh rebuild.

Looks like 9/16 fine, but can;t tell for sure; as I don't have that size readily available in
my shop.

My "trick" harmonic balancer puller/installer" tool has 6 sizes for the adapters, but nothing fits this

Thanks in advance

02-10-12, 08:26 PM
9/16-18 is what it is.. Using a bolt is not the best way to press it on.. for two reasons, one you would need two different length bolts .. because the one that would finish putting it on would not be long enough to start it.. and you are using the crank threads to pull in on... The best thing to do is get some theaded rod with a some big to smaller washers and a nut to press it on.. Now when you put the stud in its long enough to press it on all in one operation and the nut works on the stud threads to press on the hub with no chance of damage to the crank threads..,

02-11-12, 09:23 AM

Would a little heat from some time spent in the oven assist in driving it on?
I'll definitely NOT use the crank threads to pull it in, then

Now to source some 9/16-18 rod!

02-13-12, 06:01 PM
As you know these were pressed on at the factory... What some have done was hone the crank hub until it slides on and make a disc just a little smaller than the hub diameter with a step down to the crank diameter and the right length bolt to hold it on...Makes it eazy for on and off... Or you can be like me... Press it on and put the disc washer and bolt... If you check out MTS I think they sell a piece to hold on the crank.. I made mine...No need for heat...

02-17-12, 12:22 AM
Decades ago I bought a tool for removing & replacing dampers, from JCW. Came with 9 adapters
for different threads, turning was done on its larger thread outside. Great tool, not sure where to
buy one today. Bruce Roe