View Full Version : Aires Chrome Mirror Covers

Big Dog
11-12-04, 11:06 PM
I purchased a pair of Aires Chrome Mirror Covers. I was told that you can just pop out the old covers and snap in the new set.

but it seems if I pry to much the old covers might break. and I do not want to do this if they do not fit. Has anyone had any experience with this product?

11-13-04, 12:07 AM
not specifically that product, i have the OEM gm chrome ones, and i just pryed them out just enough where i can see the double sided tape and i would just start prying it from there. on the oem gm chrome covers. thers these 4 things that are sticking out i guess it clips on the the base of the mirror housing just make sure you dont break those parts so if you ever want to use the stock ones you could just pop them back in.
if you want before you do anything ill post a picture of what the base of the housing and the back of the covers that way you could get a idea of what it looks like.

Big Dog
11-13-04, 10:19 AM
Yes can you post a picture of the base of the housing and back of the covers for me

thanks alot

11-14-04, 08:07 PM
i think the easiest way to pry them out is to prey where theres double sided tape.
the second pic is the housing and the first is the back of the OEM chrome GM mirrors covers. those things sticking out are tabs.