: CLOSE CALL, Brakes!

02-04-12, 02:43 PM
Hey Everyone,

1990 Sedan Deville, ABS and Std Duty brakes.

Was about a block from my house coming up to the light and my pedal was rock hard and i couldnt stop the car...I had to push extremely hard and use the emergency brake. Finally stopped and white smoke was coming from the front driverside wheel area and under the hood. I smelled brake fluid so went i safely got home I popped the hood and nothing that stands out except my brake fluid level was at the very top. The white smoke dissappeared but Im thinking I blew a hose? Any ideas? I pray its not the hydraulic unit.


Caddie Shak
02-06-12, 06:53 PM
Maybe your driver's side front caliper was dragging and got that brake super hot, causing the smoke and boiled the water in the fluid near that caliper, making the fluid level in the reservoir too high?

02-09-12, 02:27 PM
Hi Caddie Shak,

So just a few things before I replace the system with a used one. Leading up to this issue, I felt/heard a buzzing sound coming from the ABS unit which also was felt through the pedal. I had a shop check it out and they are telling me I need the whole unit (They want 1250 TOTAL) to R&R the TEVES system. I can find a few online for around $200 and then have it installed. Looking at the space and ABS unit, it doesn't seem to be that bad of a job but I could be way off.

I have been reading up on this system and there are a few people saying to check the relays. Another thing that I don't understand is why my Brake light or ABS light haven't come on my dash, but definitely come on and off when I first start the car. As of right now, I tried to depressurize the system and restart my car to see if the pump comes on. The pump doesn't cycle on.

Anything I can check before trying to replace this Unit?