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02-03-12, 10:36 AM
Hey there,

I have a Cadillac Escalade EXT 2009, I have replaced the filter and exhaust with Volant Air Filter & Corsa Kit-Back exhaust. This was done when my can made 5000 KM, now when it reached 70000 KM I got the check engine warning light, I took it to the dealer and they told me that the engine is misfiring due to the mis-installation of the air filter. They have replaced the solenoid and the sensor and reinstalled the filter. After taking the car back from them I noticed big amount of black smoke coming from the exhaust and when I fully accelerate the check engine light started flashing and the stabilitrack was disabled. When I took the car to them the second time, they said that the car is fine and the light is coming on due to computer memory. They simply deleted it from the computer memory and gave me the car back. Today I tested the car with full acceleration up to 180 km/h and I got the same warnings and the light flashed and now it's staying on.

Please advice on possible solutions.

My dealer is Liberty Autos
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

02-07-12, 08:24 PM
Well typically if an air filter was not installed correctly it could run lean but misfires would be a stretch. If the ck eng light flashes its a catalyst damaging misfire-not a good thing. And the stability light is on because of the ck eng light. The only other possibility i can think of is that if the aftermarket air filter is oiled like a k& n filter and was over oiled it can skew the maf sensor n run like crap