: stiff bouncy ride on my 02 suv

11-12-04, 09:24 AM
I did a search and couldn't find nothing. It rides very stiff and the front is very bouncy. I think its to much of a coincidence for all the struts/shocks to go bad at once. The caddy has 66k on it. Anybody have any idea what it is? Anyone else experiance this problem? I was wondering if it could possibly be something with the air suspension. Any help will be gladly appreciated! :cool:

11-12-04, 10:01 AM
haven't had that issue. mine rides as smooth as can be.

11-12-04, 10:39 AM
Check the tire pressure. I was getting some bounce this week and my pressure was 4-5lbs low.

11-12-04, 05:01 PM
Na, this is definetly in the suspension, in a normal car, id say the shocks are bad and repalce them. This being computer controlled and stuff like that makes me think I might luck out and its some stupid module or something. I think its to much of a cuincidanse (i know i spelled that wrong) for all the shocks to be bad at once. It rides like crap!

11-15-04, 02:50 AM
Have u had it checked by cadillac, your suposed to go in at 50k even if nothing is wrong. By the way, i have probably the same thing, as i go over even the slightest bumps the whole truck will shake and my flip down tv seems as if its gonna fall off. although on smooth roads, it rides like a dream, and some how, now more than ever my wheels seem to shake in the front from left to right, not the alignment cuz i just had them aligned in september and rotated. Wierd?