: Cadillac CTS Parts and Accessory Cost

02-02-12, 02:13 PM
Hi Chris,

New member here and it was recommended by another to contact you for a quote on the parts and accessory below that I’m interested in buying for my 06 CTS. Ship to Zip is 48033-3102. Please advise as to how to complete the purchase.

Hopefully, this is the proper method for this request.



Fuel Filter, AC Delco P/N GF897

Cabin Air Filter, Bosch P/N C3859 (Charcoal)

CTS Waffle Pattern Cargo/Trunk Mat. GM P/N 12498898

Valve, Evaporative Emission Canister Purge Sol AC Delco P/N 2141685
(#12591334, 12611801} replaces 12591334)

02-02-12, 06:06 PM

This is fine... or via PM... or via EMail... or you can call (you'll have to call to place your order eventually)

Fuel Filter
$35.16 - list price
$21.98 - your price

Cabin Filter
$48.28 - list price
$30.18 - your price

$41.44 - list price
$25.90 - your price

Floor Mats
$110.00 - list price
$ 96.25 - your price

I've got the first three parts in stock but would have to order the floor mats (i can get them in just a day or two)
shipping would be $20

give us a call if you'd like to place an order