: Io22

02-01-12, 06:33 PM
I have IO22(Dimming Potentionmeter Problem). My dimmer switch work, it dim the incandescent bulbs and turn on the interior light when turn all the way up. But my instrument cluster doesn't have any display sometime. I can't even go into diagnostic mode because there's no display.
My DIC would sometime would work and sometime it doesn't. I will swap the headlight/dimming box and take it from there.
Did the diagnostic procedure, with headlight switch on and monitor input ID42. Reading should be between 2.5 volts at max dim to 11.9 volts at full bright when rotating the dimming knob. Mine was 24 to 95 when rotating the knob with 24 at dim and 95 at full bright. But when the DIC is blank, the dimming still work.

02-02-12, 12:46 AM
I pulled the dash out thinking it might be lose connection to the IPC but it made no different. While drive the DIC flick and turn on for a quick second once in a while.