: Issue with brand new Arnott Industries passive shocks

01-31-12, 10:41 PM
So I finally decided to upgrade to brand new front Arnott shocks after blowing out my originals and a second set from a parts car.

Called Arnott and they were very friendly, paid $70 for air shipping as it was the only way I was sure to avoid brokerage fees to Canada. It's my first time removing the spring so I was slow on the first one, but it was straight forward and the second one would be no problem. But I noticed I was having trouble getting the nut on the shock to compress the spring.

So I compressed spring more and more until I noticed the shock was not staying fully extended. Got frustrated and called Arnott, they said it was normal but this has got to be an issue. Take a look at the video and let me know if this looks broken.


02-01-12, 07:14 PM
Called again, showed them the video, they said pump the shock until it extends fully. Tried that for ten minutes and the only thing that happened was it became easier and easier to compress and extend. Definately doesn't compress consistently, and now there is a sound when compressing similar to my broken shocks that leaked all their fluid (no fluid though, they said the sound was normal. Am I getting the run around? This was definately not an issue with the other arnott strut I worked on first

02-01-12, 07:20 PM
I always thought shocks should stay fully extended and be hard to push in..... My ranchos were really stiff.

02-03-12, 09:09 AM
The more I look into it, the more I'm sure there's an issue. Made another video, and I can compress it with my pinky at one point. Little frustrated with Arnott with how long it is taking me to prove my point. They want me to install the spring (but it won't stay up long enough for the bolt to stick), and I don't want to drive on a compromised shock for another couple months just to prove their point. So far not impressed with the customer service but I'm going to call back and ask for the original guy that sold me the struts. Here is another video, and here is a video of someone with compromised struts that look similar to mine.


Here is a guy with struts with the same issue and all the comments say they are broken


02-06-12, 07:44 PM
Any updates?

02-10-12, 11:23 AM
Called again last Friday and sent an email with the other two videos to the boss Marvin, I didn't talk to him, the Rep gave me his email. Said he would look into it with his boss and all the techs and have an answer by Monday. Nothing on Monday so I emailed him on Tuesday and never got a response and now it is Friday. So I'll call them again today when I have some time in the afternoon. Not sure if it is because I'm Canadian and they aren't looking forward to all the shipping fees for returning it but they really don't seem excited to get this resolved after 3 calls and 2 emails.

I've continued to pump the shocks and the compression has become a little stronger and much more consistent but still only returns halfway, if I bring them into the house and leave them all day, they continue to expand to about 2/3 extension but never reach full extension unless I pull it out manually and then it will eventually drop back down. Now I have the old struts back on for a 1200 km drive over the weekend, too bad I was hoping to have my first test on the highway


Anyone else have arnotts that didn't fully extend? I was wondering if it is due to the soft cadillac ride but sounds like it is supposed to be fully extended. I still have the spring on the first shock from Arnott but almost want to take it off just to compare to the "broken one" (it installed so easily that I assume there was no issues).