: Help with dash repair

01-31-12, 07:26 PM
I need to either repair or replace my dash cap on My 06 XLR-V. It is the leather upholstered top of dashboard. Mine has where the leather shrunk and unglued on two corners. What I need is some instructions on how to remove it, to either get it repaired or replace with oem part (around $600). Anyone out the have the complete service munual. And could scan me the instructions please.
Thanks Jose

02-01-12, 07:45 AM
Thanks but I found a site on line where I bought the service manual for $9.98 (paypal), and was able to download instantly. Got what I needed.

02-01-12, 12:22 PM
Jose: It would be interesting to hear exactly what's involved in the replacement. If you have time to take some pictures and document the process here, along with any tips you might have, it would be helpful to others who encounter the same issue.

02-02-12, 12:45 PM
I read through the procedure, and it looks tough. you start by removing console, the front pate kick panels, windshield garish, parts of instrument cluster. And thats just what I remember now. I'll take pictures and do some type of write up. With the leather dash and the sun. A few people might be having to do this.