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01-30-12, 11:52 PM
Hi all: I've been lurking for a while now absorbing all the great information and posts on here because I'm looking a getting a V wagon in the next few months. I'll be moving overseas and can take a vehicle with me and the Vagon is my top choice. Here's the question: There are authorized Cadillac dealers where I am headed and they do sell Vs, though I believe only the sedan. Does anyone know if the Cadillac new car warranty and/or the Certified Pre-Owned warranty on a US car would be honored at an overseas Cadillac dealer? I tried to look through all the fine print that I could find on the Cadillac website and the only limitation seemed to be that service had to be at "an Authorized Dealer." I also tried emailing Cadillac directly and got the automated "thanks for the inquiry" reply but never a real response.

Anyone here had any experience with this? I know I'm in an unusual situation, but I thought maybe someone on here would have needed service during a Canada trip (or a Canadian visiting the USA). And I think I've seen at least one poster who took a V to Germany.


Cadillac Cust Svc
01-31-12, 09:31 AM
I would recommend contacting the Customer Care Center in the country that you are moving to-just to make sure that they will warranty the work performed on the vehicle. If you send me the country that you are moving to I can get you the phone number to contact.
Cadillac Customer Service