: Rattling Door Panels Fix

01-30-12, 06:52 PM
Hello bass lovers. If you like hip hop or hard rock and cranking your stereo, you may have noticed that the front door panels tend to rattle against the metal door frames from the bass. This was embarrassing to me, so I went ahead and popped them off this weekend. I went to home depot and got "EPDM rubber weatherseal", basically a D-shaped adhesive seal for door frames. They sell in black and brown so you can pick which one best suits your interior color. I bought 5/16" wide by 1/4" thick (tall); a total of 2 17' rolls for both doors (you'll end up with about 4 feet total extra). I recommend this seal over flat paddings because it's soft enough to absorb vibrations, because if your seal is too sturdy the project is pointless. You can use taller or wider seals, this was the biggest one I found; don't go smaller cause then it wont be tall enough to keep the panel from the door metal. Also you can get some foam padding or some other type of thicker seals for the top parts of both sides of each panel.

With the door panels off, it's easy to see where on the door panels to apply this seal. The way the panels are designed, there is a very convenient lip on the outside which lets you tuck the seal right behind it. The only not-so-good thing is that toward the top of each panel, the lip gets taller, so you will need to use a thicker seal or foam pad to get the door panel off the dorr frame. Try to use darker colors so as to not bring attention to it once it's all said and done. Just apply the seal and padding to your satisfaction. I went the extra mile and took off the plastic plate that holds the wire harnessing on each side and put some foam padding behind it so it doesnt rattle against it's mounts or the weather seal behind it. Lastly check the weather seal itself to make sure it's adhered to the door. Believe it or not, those rattle like crazy from the back pressure if not secures; if you need to, use a hair dryer on the line where the adhesive goes and, once the area is hot, press down on it to adhere it to the door. It's self-explanatory once your face-to-face with it. In your head, imagine what areas come into contact with the door and try to secure them with foam (the inside of the door panel does have a foam pad, but I'm sure you'll be able to find a couple of places you can insulate. Now is the time to get dents out of the speaker grills if youve accumulated any over the years, as well as a good time to clean the bottoms of those door panels from scuffs (especially with a tan interior!). Lastly, as your putting the door panel back on, be sure to reconnect the inside door handle cable - nothing is worse then putting it all together, proudly closing the door, and quickly realizing that you can't let yourself out lol.

If you break any door clips throughout this process (I broke one), don't sweat it. Bring it to your local auto store and they will find you a generic one to hold you off. I'm sure the dealer will have the exact match if you want to go that route. Or you can be patient and wait for me - I've ordered what appears to be a close match online and will keep you guys posted on what clips to order online. I've learned that keeping a couple of those handy is a must - never know when the door panel needs to come off.

I finally get to enjoy bass without the annoying rattle. I used to hear it over the vocals on certain songs, now I have to turn the highs and mids all the way down to hear the faint, inevitable left overs due to mechanical parts within the door and panel flex. I'm psyched! This might even help a bit with road noise and heat retention; probably not much but hey, if you've done this little project, tell yourself it does - you deserve it.



01-30-12, 06:56 PM
Pictures would be nice.... haha

01-30-12, 10:37 PM
Thought about that at the end of the project lol. It's really self-explanatory though. Just take the panels off and insulate their lips with a seal of your choice. I was just throwing the idea out there because this is the second car I had to do this to; wanted to share the tip with those who suffer like I did lol.

01-31-12, 12:59 AM
I definitely hear the vibrations from the driver door. But it doesn't sound like it is the panel is vibrating against the door. It seems more like something between the panel and door is loose. When I apply pressure right about center of the door panel, it will stop. Was this the same issue you had?

01-31-12, 09:40 PM
No. Sadly mine still has that too. I think it's just the shape of the window regulator that vibrates inside the door. Sounds like crap outside of the car. This I described here is the sound of plastic rapidly vibrating against the doors, heard on the inside of the car.

02-01-12, 12:39 AM
Well yeah. I can hear mine inside of the car. I never tried to listen outside.

02-01-12, 08:01 PM
for whatever reason the drivers side door sounds terrible on the outside at full blast. Kinda ressembles the sound a car makes with a sub when the back license plate is loose. Has to be the mechanics behind the door...

Charles Warren
02-01-12, 11:24 PM
second skin damplifier and some peel n seal should take of the rattles.