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01-28-12, 07:02 PM
My 2012 present to the board: speaker sizes for a car from 2005... the fact that no one else has figured these out yet is mind-boggling. Online info is incorrect (front speakers are NOT 6.5" etc.), I've personally measured every one of these (except for the rear sub - thats common knowledge; I wasn't about to take the rear shelf cover out for a measurement lol).

Dashboard: both sides - 2.5"; center channel - 3.25" (probably will fit a 3.5" aftermarket
Center Console rear: 3.5"
Front Subwoofers: 8"
Seat Speakers: 2"
Rear Speakers: 5 1/4"
Rear Subwoofer: 10"
Rear Tweeters: ? (most likely 2.5")

The Service Manual proved to be somewhat helpful in taking certain panels off. I'll be glad to walk anyone through them as the link I posted earlier to the Service Manual download got deleted ; guess I'm not allowed to share a link to another forum that posted the info...

Though sufficient for most, IMO replacing some speakers would really help the system out. Component speakers in the rear doors alone would improve the soundstage by raising it in the back, where it's much needed (tweeter would be placed in the area of the door opener). Contrary to popular belief, Bose speaker CAN be easily replaced with aftermarket speakers without negatively effecting the sound, as long as they are 2ohm load speakers with sufficient RMS wattage to support the stock system (my guess is around 15-25 RMS watts per channel, so infinity reference would work pretty fine). If you refuse to believe this you can do the research as I have done through Acura, Infinity, Corvette and other forums dedicated to cars with Bose systems; this includes our brothers over on the CTS board. getting to the speakers can be a royal pain, especially up front, because everything is put together with more or less brittle yet very tough to undo clips. I feel like component speakers in the rear doors, infinity speakers and tweeters along the dash, in the center console, in the rear deck, and possibly in the seats would open up crisp highs and improve the already okay soundstage in this car. A sub can be added to the trunk to help improve rear bass response; the front door subs do a fine job as-is and the rear sub should be left untouched for mids in the rear. For $300 all the mid-high speaker can be replaced, and a sub can be added for another $300, I recommend Alpine Type-R subwoofers.

Just food for thought guys....



Charles Warren
01-28-12, 08:32 PM
i thought it was a 12 back there. my 2000 sls had a 12, my 2003 cts and 2000 dts had 10s. i could be wrong though

01-29-12, 03:33 PM
How exactly did you pop the dash to get to the dash speakers?

02-25-12, 11:36 PM
You have to take the A-pillars off by popping off the airbag plastic badge off of each one and then unscrewing the screw behind it. Once the pillars are pulled out, CAREFULLY start popping out the entire plastic vent panel running in front of the windshield. The speaker grills look like they pop out but they dont - you have to take that entire plastic "board" out. once you unclip the entire front of that "board" (I used a specific plastic interior prybar kit for this removal, a screwdriver or any other metal tool will most likely scratch or crack your dash), just grab it and pull it towards your, which will unclip the very front clips.

02-27-12, 10:32 AM
the 8 ' subs up front , could i fit a w7 8 inch in there ?

02-27-12, 01:14 PM
Not sure. I decided not to mess with the stock ones, as they arent known for blowing out and i got a feeling a more powerful sub will rattle the crap out if those doors. Either way, theres not alot of space, so id stick with a shallow sub. (i would use the shallow kicker 8" sub)

02-27-12, 06:26 PM
No way will it fit. Stock Bose speakers are an 8 inch "pancake" reverse magnet woofer...