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V locity
01-28-12, 12:16 PM
Like we needed one here..

Hoosier 46936 DR, http://www.hoosiermidatlantic.com/product.cfm?InvKey=69925

Hoosier 43945 RS, http://philstireservice.com/pages/tires/tires_hoosier_8.htm

The issue: Even Stock, our cars need better traction off the line & below third gear.

Here's the Questions:

1) Have you used either of them, which one(s)?

2) Did you try it on the 9.5" stock wheel, did it fit?

3) How did you like them & how did it hook?

01-28-12, 12:39 PM
I've never used these but very confident they make a size that will fit a 9.5" wheel.

The only comment I really wanted to make was that if you are using the car as a daily driver you should try Nittos instead of Hoosiers.

Drag radials in the rear will melt quickly on a street car, and Nittos were basically created to be a lower cost option setup for the street.

(full disclosure, I would buy Hankooks for a DD any day of the week over PS2s. Once the Michelins have 3k miles on them they are no longer the better tire yet still cost twice as much)

V locity
01-28-12, 04:35 PM

I will buy another set of rear wheels for the track & playing around so they wont be DDs. I would prefer those wheels to be the factory ones. So on track day, a quick swap & we're off to the races...

I would think a full slick or DOT slick would bite better than a street tire. But, that's why I posed the question. I would rather learn from someone's experience here, than roll the dice with $1000 worth of tires, just for them not to fit or perform.

They are high $ tires for the strip or speedway, but I've always known Hoosier to have a reputation for their bite.