: No heat on drivers side

01-28-12, 10:43 AM
Hey guys,
I cannot get any significant heat out of the left center (drivers side) dashboard vent and the drivers side floor vent. Plenty of controlable heat comes out on the passenger side and out of the rear vents. Any one know the fix for this or is it a dealer only repair?

01-28-12, 01:53 PM
A Tech2 scan tool would be helpful. You really need to see what codes are stored. A Tech2 also allows the user to check each different actuator for travel making a diagnosis easier. You might have a tough time with this one on your own.

01-29-12, 04:43 AM
That's what I was afraid of! Looks like a trip to the dealer is in order... at least for a diagnostic reading. Thanks ddalder!

01-30-12, 07:15 AM
let us know about results if you go to the dealer.
I have the same issue((

01-31-12, 10:45 AM
Will do.