: K40 EX2 is wicked...

V locity
01-28-12, 08:42 AM
So I'm cruising down I-10 on a lazy Sunday afternoon completely unaware of the triple digit speeds, and the lovely voice from under my dash tips me off that a laser is pointed at my car from the front. So, the Bremboís bring me back down below warp speed.

After a couple of overpasses & no sight of a friendly officer, Scotty gives it some more dilithium crystals and it's back up we go. Within 10 seconds, she's now telling me I have a laser beaming me from the rear, damn??? Back down I go... still, no suspects in sight?

Umteen seconds later there he is & he's glued to my ass end. Will not leave... I mean he is plastered to me like Iím his bitch... & I am having to mute the K40.

So I pull over one lane to the right because (maybe he just wants to get by me?)... No such luck, he's on my ass and I figure he's going to force me to go visit his buddy on the bench. So I relegate & pull 4 lanes over to the Prius lane... my exit was coming up anyway.

He followed me over, but this time he went to the lane to my left & caught up to me, windows even, and gave me "the look".

I think I'm going to remember that "look"... I can't describe it. You'll have to imagine it... A tough young DPS officer, with his bad ass laser gun, trapping unsuspecting thrill seekers on the new $2 billion, 16 lane wide Katy Freeway,,, and he's looking at me like.... Why the hell can't my laser gun get a reading on your Cadi!!!?

2nd best law enforcement experience of my life!

K40 RL360 w/front & rear EX2s

Gary Wells
01-28-12, 09:21 AM
How much is that model?

V locity
01-28-12, 09:38 AM
How much is that model?

You can get them $1500-$2000 depending on the dealer.

01-28-12, 09:40 AM
I am in the market for an up-to-date unit . This looks interesting .

01-28-12, 04:28 PM
Do you have any pics of your install?

V locity
01-28-12, 05:05 PM
Do you have any pics of your install?
License plate EX

What you see here is the only visible part of the system

The blue flashers are in where the turn signals are in the dash & the speaker girl is under the dash

Club Malibu
01-31-12, 08:48 PM
Very nice.

Now tell us about your BEST law enforcement experience.

01-31-12, 10:53 PM
Very clean install thanks.

V locity
01-31-12, 11:28 PM
Very nice.

Now tell us about your BEST law enforcement experience.

It was about 30 yrs. ago... Many of the street racers in Houston who would hang out on Westheimer Rd., would go down to section of Southwest Freeway Feeder Rd to race. There was a nursery parking lot that all of us parked in & then we basically all gathered on the feeder itself at the starting area. Some of would cruise down to the 1/4 mile marker to watch too.

So one night, a couple of sedans come screaming in the parking lot of the nursery, several big dudes got out & cocked the pumps on their 12 gauges & told everyone not to move. They had us all spread out against our cars; wallets out for IDs, and there was allot of yelling for our IDs to come out? They were evidently overzealous rent-a-cops with Mommy issues. They started to cuff some of the guys in the lot & it was not going down good at all. Then all of a sudden, 3 HPD cruisers pull in. The officers saw the shotguns, and then their guns came out. The yelling cranked up a couple of notches at this point.

Through all the yelling, I thought I heard a voice I recognized... I did!!! Out of all the cops in Houston, I knew only a couple. One of them just happened to roll in one those three squad cars. I yelled his name & he came over. He instantly recognized me & asks what the hell was going on. I told him... A couple of minute later, HPD is cuffing the rent-a-cops & we are on our merry way. As I passed those cuffed up F%#& Up rent-a-cops on the way out, I told them to have their id’s in out plain sight because they wouldn’t want to upset "these" Officers:)

I think after that we all shifted over to Town Park Dr to race...

02-01-12, 08:24 AM
I believe it takes a special type of person to be a COP, but rent-a-cops are at the opposite end of that spectrum.

02-01-12, 03:35 PM
Hate to be a downer, but I am a member on a few different radar / laser detector forums, and the K40 is not considered as one of the "top of the line" units currently available. I have seen Curtis' install, and the integration into the DIC IS top notch, but for most people, they are more concerned about the performance of the unit over bells and whistles, and the K40 is not among the cream of the crop.

I have a Beltronics STi-R Plus radar / laser detector in my V, which is the current king of the hill as far as radar detectors go. There are other makes/models that are quite comparable, but as far as custom installed models go, the STi-R Plus is tops. The K40 isn't even mentioned in the same category. Sorry...

While the STi-R Plus does have optional add-on laser "shifters", (the same that are included with the Escort 9500ci detector) these units, like the EX2, are sub par when it comes to real-world protection. As such, I never bought them and have disabled the laser detect feature in my STi, and use a separate, stand alone laser jammer. (Actually, my antenna is mounted behind my front bumper cover, so it would not be able to detect laser anyway). The highest rated jammer available is made by Laser Interceptor. I have these installed on my V as well, and I did a lot of research when spending all this money to make sure I bought the best stuff available, so I'm not just saying this because I happen to have them.

To the OP, and I mean no disrespect whatsover, but your experience does not make sense and I suspect you were experiencing false (laser) alarms. Without getting too much into it, cops don't / can't use laser when moving. I'm not sure what happened in your situation, but a cop would not be following you "glued to your ass", running laser. That is not how the units were designed to work, and if I remember correctly, it might even be illegal for cops to use moving laser. If not illegal, it would certainly be useless. How is the gun going to know how fast you are going? If you're going 80 mph and the cop is glued to your ass also going 80, the laser is going to indicate a speed of 0! Laser works very differertly than radar!

Sorry, I'm not trying to be a dick, but I like to think I am pretty well-versed on this stuff, and your account does not sound plausible. I'm just trying to set the record straight for other members.

Finally, for those who do use jammers, good units are able to Jam To Gun (JTG), meaning you can drive right by the cop without him getting a reading (see last video below). However, this is strongly discouraged because the cop will know you are running a jammer and could possibly charge you with obstructing a police officer, or, as was the case in Texas lately, could lead to an outright prohibition against laser jammers *EDit*...I see the OP is from Texas. Traffic cops are well aware of laser jammers, and even if he had been running moving laser, he would have known for sure why he wasn't able to get a read on your Cadi (with EX2's and right on your ass, he WOULD have got a read). He could have / would have pulled you over and charged you with possession of jammers, and I'm not sure about Texas, possibly even impounded your car.

The preferred method is to Jam Then Kill (JTK), meaning once your unit alerts, immediately slow down and then turn the unit off, so that the cop can get your (legal) speed.

To those who are looking to buy radar detectors / laser jammers, I would suggest you do you research first. You DO get what you pay for, and when it comes to this stuff, you will want the best you can afford. The STi-R Plus can be had for around $1100.00 (plus install, if you don't want to do it yourself), and the Laser Interceptors for around $600.00 (or less). These two units, properly installed, will provide you the best protection available. But don't take my word for it..do your own research. Here's a great resource: http://www.radardetectorforum.org/forum.php

Also, here's some video of my countermeasures in action:

This one shows a detection from over 4 miles away (the STi-R Plus logs data such as time/date, GPS coordinates, speed, heading, radar frequency, etc.):


This one shows a rather stupid cop who had a laser trap setup, but who left his radar on. As such, I was able to detect his radar well in advance and slow down to "almost" the speed limit. Once he lasered me (near the end of the clip), my LI jammed him until I slowed down and turned it off. The "siren" is the LI alert and this dmonstrates JTK.


Lastly, here is a good demonstration of the LI's jamming abilities in a real-world test (not my video), through the viewfinder of the laser gun. This clearly demonstrates how small the beam is and how it needs to be aimed - another reason they can't use them while moving:


02-01-12, 03:41 PM

V locity
02-01-12, 08:07 PM
Wow Too!

Sounds like you like your setup. That's great. Nice videos.

So far I like mine too & wanted to share the experience. I've had several other systems as well & so far this one is performing the best "for me". I thought it would be cool to share my experience with everyone.

I would definitely agree with you on the "shutting off part" once discovered (as I did in my event), regardless of the legality of the device. Cops can & will pull you over if they really want too. What are you going to tell them... "Officer, with all due respect, my diffuser was on & there was no way you could have got a reading on me?"

I would highly suggest to anyone considering any product to do research & get referrals based on "personal experience".

It would be nice if others on this forum would share their experiences with their devices too. That's what these forums are about...

Above is priddy much how mine works.

So far moderate falses in filter mode, but no tickets... (laser or radar). That's an ok benchmark by me.