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01-27-12, 10:54 PM
Sorry, but the server load is extremely high at the moment. We are aware of this issue and are working on obtaining a third server to handle the load. Please consider helping us meet this goal by becoming a Supporting Member if you are not one already.

Also, if you know of any automotive business that would benefit by advertising here, please let them know about us. Our forum is just as busy as other automotive forums that have 50 to 100 advertisers. Since Cadillac doesn't have nearly as large an aftermarket (especially in regards to performance) we only have about 10. We cannot continue to survive without consistent financial support.

This site was started as a hobby site and grew far beyond anyone's expectations. It's also far more expensive than we ever thought it would become. So please, bear with us - we're doing the best we can to remedy this issue...

Thank you for your patience,

Sal C.

Stop begging!

01-27-12, 11:07 PM
A nicely useless thread.

01-27-12, 11:26 PM
Stop begging!

Stop bitching.