: She's back on the road!! (but one last question)

01-23-12, 06:57 PM

Well folks,

Thank you all for your help.

Rebuilt the cast iron oil pump with a kit and installed.. NO LEAK after 4 damned gaskets (not including 2 homemade ones). Something must be wrong with that aluminum replacement pump.

After new points disty, new disty cap, new plugs, complete high pressure flush of the engine, repaired tranny yoke, new tranny filter and seal, new air filter, vacuum hoses re-seated, new A/C blower motor, new A/C blower motor relay, new A/C master switch (not an easy find), dead-on tune up, new oil and new tranny fluid I am happy to say this gal is just itching to take off.. A lot more power. Not sluggish at all. Problem with loud lifters gone. Problem with mis-firing at highway speeds gone. Heat back on (not that I need it this winter).

One final question and I will stop crowding up the forum.

Kick down switch. The shop manual does not cover this topic as far as I can find.

The cord goes from the throttle to the tranny (I believe). Mines plugged in on the engine but I cannot find where it plugs in on the tranny. I completely scraped and de-greased the tranny but still can't find where it goes.

You can see the red cord and plug hung on top the driver side wheel well here.


01-23-12, 08:58 PM
The wire goes to a plug on the drivers side about the center of the transmission... It is just a spade coming out of a round plastic piece...

05-25-12, 08:38 AM
ahybody know how to get the switch attached to the carb? Pulled mine and parts went everywhere.