: how can i check if head gasket leaks

01-23-12, 06:51 PM
i have a 02 eldo, prvious owner had water pump changed not long ago about 4k ago,i am smelling antifreeze after driving car for a while outside, i have no leaks i can see no white smoke out of exhaust, no over heating looked around waterpump area were i seem to smell it more but dont see any leaks will a pressure test tell me or whats the easist way to check

01-23-12, 08:52 PM
If you are not overheating and you smell coolant, you do not have a HG problem. A pressure test will help locate an external leak, but will not diagnose a bad HG. For that you need a block test kit to check for exhaust gases in the surge tank, but if you are not overheating, that will be a waste of time and money. Common hard to locate leak points are the radiator side tanks. Coolant can evaporate before it drips and remember that the front of the tanks are hidden by the condenser making it even harder. The surge tanks tend to crack and seep coolant, especially at the purge line nipple. The water pump cover gaskets tend to leak as well as the crossover manifold gaskets on the 2000+ engines. Pray that is not the problem.

01-23-12, 08:56 PM
Why would you check if you have no symptoms of HG? Coolant smell is usually an external leak.

01-26-12, 11:24 PM
I been fighting the same issue with my 98 Seville. Did the exhaust in coolant test and it didn't take long for it to change color. Wished my GM dealer would of thought of that, I ended up getting the kit for them (I work in parts dept). Now the battle will begin as to what my plans are for the car.