: STS trunk lid

01-23-12, 05:45 PM
I have a 2007 STS. Trunk lid is pretty heavy and closes with such force when I drop the lid to close. I'm wondering if this is normal?

01-23-12, 07:38 PM
Do you have a spoiler on the trunk lid? I find that my lid seems heavy, and I attribute it to the spoiler.

01-23-12, 07:47 PM
One (or both) of your supports are probably bad. I have the OEM spoiler and it doesn't slam shut. My wife's STS doesn't have a spoiler and still won't pop open after pressing the trunk release.

01-23-12, 07:50 PM
dissconect the strut rods for the trunk lid if you can push them in by hand there no good and need to be replace if not there fine and it is the normal shutting force. btw dont slam your trunk its not proper edicate lol

01-23-12, 10:14 PM
my trunk is the same. there is no resistance when closing it, so it kinda does slam shut....

01-23-12, 11:31 PM
when I pop mine it will open about an inch, and then when I close it, it doesn't slam at all. I actually need to lift and provide some extra force to get it to latch, the weight of the trunk isn't enough.

01-24-12, 09:40 AM
I do have a spoiler on my trunk. When I press the trunk release hatch, the trunk definitely does not pop open 1-2 inches...
I always have to use the handle on the trunk, and release it when it is about halfway closed...

01-24-12, 05:55 PM
WOW ! SOme say it's TOO heavy, and some say you have to open it to slam it into the lock.
Mine, is you have to raise it to close it.
I think you guys are talking about the (Shock Absorber) on the left side of the trunk.
I know there is another name for it, But it seems if it is working Correctly, you should
have to raise it to close it. JMO.
Good Luck ! :cool2::cool2::cool2: