: Mountain curves

01-23-12, 02:01 PM
I drive this mountain road once in a while with some really nice curves. You can really put the STS to the test. Some of the curves are posted 20 mph, downhill tight curves which are really fun on dry pavement of course. So when i enter the curve, turning the wheel, above the posted speed limit, and lightly braking, I can feel the brake pedal doing something. I can feel the clicks in the pedal, but it doesnt feel like the abs. So im just always curious what is happening in the computer system at this instance and whats the feeling in the pedal? Is there anywhere I can read up on the sequence of operation? Also, this road just happens to be on an Indian reservation, leading to a casino. The navigation disappears, as usual on the reservations for whatever reason. Why are satellites blocked on the reservations? Ive found this on most all the indian casinos ive been to on the western half of the US.

01-23-12, 08:38 PM
Your car may have a relatively rare version of stability control that goes a step further than basic Stabilitrac. I forget the specifics, but it was one of the few enhancements made in the late model years.

I've noticed loss of GPS on military bases but never on indian reservations. There may be some blocking. The STS GPS doesn't provide 100% GPS reception by any means. The VSS input and compass improve Navigation accuracy more than most realize.