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01-22-12, 09:21 AM
Taking delivery of a 2009 UK spec vehicle here in England next week.

Couple of questions.......

Are the wing/fender indicator repeater lamps 194 type and does the unit prise off or are lamps replaced from behind? (I'm talking turn signal repeater NOT lower side marker), as I want to change them to amber LED.

UK versions do not have any daytime running lamps, and I want to change the amber lamp in the silver housing to get away from that egg yolk effect.

Does anyone have a part number as I want to find a silvered lamp, and where we only have turn signals in the UK is it a different lamp to the USA where you have turn/DRL?
Or change to an amber LED...guess I would need a load resistor for that?



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01-22-12, 09:59 PM
I cannot help with your questions but just wanted to say that you have a beauty of a STS there!