: Differential failure

01-22-12, 06:08 AM
I posted this on another thread, and they suggested that I put it here:

I own a 2007 CTS, 3.6, warranty expired July, 2011
Jan 2010 mileage 9441 taken to dealer for fluid leak in rear. Dealer replaced vent valve per bulletin, install rear differential hose and vent

Nov 2010 mileage 16195 taken to dealer for clunking noise coming from rear when putting into reverse, no repair done

Dec 2011 differential internal failure mileage 21187 cost of repair - $1929, this happened out of town. I was told by that dealer to go to my intown dealer for complaint.

I went to intown dealer. They talked to Cadillac, and Cadillac offered to pay for the most expensive part - $947.
What are my alternatives?
How often does a differential fail? On a car with 21000 miles? On a Cadillac?????
I drive this car infrequently. It stays in a garage and has never been driven in snow or mud. No hard driving or accelerations (I am older).