: Please Read Before Continuing To Use The ATS Forums

Lord Cadillac
01-19-12, 03:20 PM
Hey, everyone. Since the Cadillac ATS is the new entry-level Cadillac - and not only that - a pretty hot car - this area is very important.

I know it's very easy to get off topic in discussions - but please do me a favor and try your best to avoid doing so. At least for the time being.

It's very important (to me, and I think the community as an entity) that this area be easy to follow as new members and guests search, browse and participate in this area for the first time.

I want to make a good, positive impression without as few distractions as possible - as difficult as that already is with all the ads for guests.

So, please. If you can avoid going off topic on discussions about the Cadillac ATS, I'd appreciate it...

Thank you...