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01-18-12, 04:17 PM
I have a '93 DeVille and I'm looking to buy another one, possibly a little newer. I know they made the 4.9 in '94, but wondering how long this engine was available? So far every car newer than '94 that I'm running into seems to be a Northstar. I would really like to stay with the 4.9 or possibly another non-Northstar engine, if there is one.

Any info would be appreciated.


01-18-12, 04:22 PM
In the base Sedan Deville, the 4.9 was the only available engine through 1995, which was the last model year in which the engine was used.

The '94-'95 Concours models were equipped with the 4.6 only.

01-18-12, 04:58 PM
You can get the Deville with a 4.9 in a 1995 model.

01-19-12, 10:37 AM
Appreciate the replies.

On '96 and newer DeVilles, is there an engine available other than the Northstar?


01-19-12, 05:14 PM