: Looking for one owner to test and report on my design

soon to V
01-17-12, 09:20 PM
I designed a Chin Splitter for my V to make it a little more to my liking. The splitter gap has always bothered me so I made my own mod (see pic and my album). And since I went to this trouble, I thought Iíd have some fun and make a few more to sell to other interested parties. Before I do that though, I thought it wise to give a free copy to someone so they can follow my diagramed instruction sheet to see if all goes according to plan. So the deal is: Iíll ship my Chin Splitter copy and mounting hardware to the first volunteer whoís interested in putting it on your car and keeping there for as long as you like. First one to follow this post and agree to my need for some good feedback about the whole process of install (and use) wins this offer. Basically I just need you to do the install yourself and review the design so you tell me what you think. So if youíre interested, follow up in a reply post so others know youíre first, and then Iíll PM you with a few more details. Note this is for individuals only, no businesses!<br>&nbsp;<br>A few items to note here: I will need you to paint the part first to your liking and you may want to paint your two small splitters to match as I did. I also did some carbon fiber wrapping but thatís up to you how you finish the spacer piece to match the Chin Splitter. Note the mounting is very easy and only requires the drilling out of a few holes in the plastic bottom plane of the car. Note the holes match what is already on the car, so this is not destructive in any way. Trust also that this is a solid and clean install. Iíve run it on my car all year and at track speeds up to 140mph with no problems! Still, I thought it would be smart to use the power of the V forum to help me debug this little V project!<br>

01-17-12, 09:52 PM
I win? Do you have any pics from further away? You don't specify if the tester gets to keep the piece in the end.

soon to V
01-17-12, 10:11 PM
Yep, you win! I'll PM you shortly.


I win? Do you have any pics from further away? You don't specify if the tester gets to keep the piece in the end.

Yep, its your to keep!

01-18-12, 01:31 PM
I live in Wisconsin, close enough?

01-18-12, 05:59 PM
Damn always late to party. Lmk how it goes I want to add one to my Vagon

01-18-12, 06:05 PM
Guess I was too late! let me know if you end up with any more. I would potentially be interested in buying one if the price is right. Thanks for the post!.

soon to V
01-18-12, 09:53 PM
I'll keep you in mind and do what I can once I work this project a little more. Right now, its just a side hobby. Stay tuned though!

01-18-12, 10:50 PM
Very nice. Any more pics?

soon to V
01-19-12, 06:08 AM
There is small album in my profile with a few more pics.

01-20-12, 09:35 AM
There is small album in my profile with a few more pics.

Commented on one of your pics....Interested in how you did you hood ....ect..

soon to V
01-21-12, 12:48 AM
Re my Tribal Supercharger Graphic: Designed the graphic myself, produced the graphic with help from a friend, and installed the decal myself; a long and patient process, but well worth it! This thing really turns heads. Its fun to watch how it stops people in their tracks while out and about. I'm currently tweeking some things on it and then will look into what it takes to make a few extra copies.

01-22-12, 09:33 AM
To give an update to those who are interested, I received the product in the mail yesterday and so far I like what I see. All 3 front splitters and the new piece are all at my friends shop to be Di-noc'ed. I'll keep you posted.

01-22-12, 04:34 PM
Wow, that pic looks great. Would be interested to see the results. Yes, potential buyer here if the price is right.

01-26-12, 10:14 PM
Well, I got a chance to install the new splitter. I had all 3 factory splitters Di-noc'ed along with the new piece I received from soon to V. Let me know what you guys think and let me know if you have any questions.






01-26-12, 10:35 PM
What is it made of?

soon to V
01-26-12, 10:45 PM
I just sent you an e-mail but looking at this more, your colors are working real well together. Very nice detail to the V!


What is it made of?

High density poly foam, so its rigid but not too heavy.

gOt BoOsT
01-26-12, 10:50 PM
looks legit bro! only thing i would do is have it painted oem and it would look factory for sure. hope its priced lower than $999 usd...

soon to V
01-26-12, 10:55 PM
looks legit bro! only thing i would do is have it painted oem and it would look factory for sure. hope its priced lower than $999 usd... Ha, I hear ya! :)

soon to V
01-28-12, 04:39 PM
I still don't have any real stock yet, but I did make two more of these Chin Splitters. Anyone interested can see two unfinished parts for sale on e-bay. Search CTS-V front chin splitter.

02-03-12, 07:51 PM
I just got my package from micheal, nice fabrication, going to DiNoc CF, very well made, and instructions look simple enough. Thank you again.

soon to V
02-04-12, 04:27 PM
Hope to see the finished product when your done!

02-04-12, 04:59 PM
Mike, install was easy, but I will post an after, as soon as Di Noc comes in mail. Test fit took about 30 minutes, easy peasy...
Thanks again.

soon to V
02-11-12, 05:06 PM
By the way, I got a few more copies of my chin splitter in this week. Cost coming down a little bit, but not much. So if you want an unfinished unpainted (needs a little fill or thick primer work) I can sell those for $119 including shipping; or primed and ready for paint for $149 (including shipping). If a few more folks want some of these, I'm talking to painters to see if they'll do them for cheaper. PM me if interested.

02-13-12, 10:08 PM
I really like it. How much $ ????


Sorry I responded to page 1 without reading page 2.
I am interested. I love the carbon fiber look in previous posts!

whodats cts-v
02-26-12, 11:15 PM
Looks good! I would like one to.

soon to V
02-27-12, 07:36 PM
I can send you one unprimed now, or get you an primed one this weekend. Click on my "soon to V" and pull down PM to send me a private message to confirm pay method and address.

03-05-12, 05:18 PM
I'll keep you in mind and do what I can once I work this project a little more. Right now, its just a side hobby. Stay tuned though!

Well I ordered the primed chin from Mike -- I am not like the rest of you, I have no inherent skills to do this type of install myself -- so I took the primed chin to my Cadillac dealer body shop and they jumped on the opportunity -- what you see is the finished product.

I had them paint to 2 side pieces and the new chin piece from Mike all in flat black -- Oh -- I also had them them paint the grill the same flat black color while they were at it! Every one at the dealer loved it!

... and I could not believe my eyes when I arrive to pick her up -- I love the new look -- it was kind of like picking up the V for the first time.

I hope you all enjoy the new look also -- get this part from Mike -- The dealer did the painting of all three pieces and the install for $250. The grills were a bit more -- but now my V car is truly unique!

Mike - I could not be happier with your vision! I love my new V!


soon to V
03-05-12, 06:50 PM
That's one nice(r) ride Big Dog. Really glad it worked out. That's the whole idea - making your V unique! The paint really sings on those chamfers and keeping the bright ring around the black grill works real well. After the paint gets hard. Load it up with wax! Designer envy!

05-21-12, 04:37 PM
Mike, saw your pics of the '09 V chin splitter, I have a black '09 as well. Tried to buy a 3 piece carbon
splitter from Spectre Werks, they are backordered for a while. Is it possible to buy your kit??
I am out in Burbank, CA. there are alot of guys out here that would use it.

Let me know if this is a possibility, thax again.


soon to V
05-22-12, 08:51 PM
Sorry, but currently out of my Chin Splitters. I'm working on getting some more made including another idea or two to go with it. Life is a little busy right now for me so best I can tell you is that I'll get back to you when I get some more made up. Sorry again! Will keep you posted regardless.

05-23-12, 05:05 AM
I love mine - really makes the car unique - maybe you should try a group buy - or talk to D3 - ran into joe who also bought your piece at a LI V meet at CTS V Racing -