: Solution for not all MP3's playing on a disc

01-17-12, 02:49 PM
For months, now, since I bought the car, there are some tracks which don't work in my STS's OEM disc player. They never work.

This is on the Nav/Bose system w/in-dash changer.

This weekend, I sat in the car and made notes of every track which didn't work. There wasn't a pattern over the three discs I had the patience for, other than it was between 12 and 14 tracks per 100+/- track disc, and it tended to occur in 'clumps', but even then, there'd be three which didn't read, one which did, then four more which didn't.

I then experimented with just the tracks which failed. If I re-burned them, making no changes, and had only those on the disc, the car didn't recognize this disc as having a proper format. I put one track I knew worked on the next one. Ah, HA! It can see all the tracks, but will play only the one I know is 'good'.

So I took the originals off my PC, they were all rips from my CD collection at 192 kbps, though I had a couple which were were somewhat lower, 188, and higher, 200-something, which I wonder about 'cause I ripped them all at 192.

Regardless, I found, if I re-exported the files in Audacity, a great MP3 manipulation program BTW, they all played just fine.

So, what I've been doing is re-creating the MP3 discs, but going back through my collection, and before I burn, I merely run a batch job on the files, via Audacity, which re-exports all of them. Used VBR this time around, too. Doesn't always make them smaller, but it can help.

BTW, Audacity if free, and it's really nice to be able to work with files down to the millisecond. Beware, though, many hours can be spent making things just the way you want them.