: 472 Heads

Big Pip
01-17-12, 01:08 PM
I have a '72 with a 472 in it and I noticed the other day that the intake manifold and heads were much cleaner then the rest of the engine, I actually noticed it when I was under the car working on replacing the tranny pan and tail seal. But what I didn't notice until later was that it was only one head was freshly painted with the intake manifold which makes me believe only one head had been removed. I don't like that thought to much and I am pretty sure I will be taking both heads off and having them both checked out. However, What I have done in the past (usually on a F.O.R.D) I have purchased a set of heads, had them all worked up then put the new heads on. Usually the money spent for the set of heads pays for itself in the time it cuts out!

Looking for heads, is there an 'ideal' set of heads to look for or are all 472 heads the same?

Does anyone have an extra set of heads they don't plan on using that's just collecting dust?

01-21-12, 10:20 AM
The heads of a 500 or 472 are the same...They made two different chamber , cc area, heads.. The small chamber were from 68 to 73 and the large was from 74 to 76.. The only way to be sure what you have , without guessing, is to take off the rocker arm cover and look at the casting number. Before I went through all that trouble I would take a compression check just to know where the engine sets..