: bose speakers for sale

the cadillac man
01-15-12, 10:50 AM
for sale one set of bose speakers

i have recently changed out my speakers with infinity speakers and don't need the bose speakers now so i am going to sale them here is a pic of them 85155 i have one of each of the sticker on the back of them just let know if you want see them or the sub but the price i am asking for is 200 dollars if you want more pics just email me and if you really want to buy the speakers just call me at the number below if you don't get a answer just leave a voicemail with your name and number or send me a text message and i will get back to you.p.s if you want the sub you will have to let me know and i will list it in a separate listing unless you want it included but the amp is not included in the sale of the speakers or the sub.
as far as shipping goes i use ups or Fedex so it can be tracked and the cost is not included in the price of the speakers as i have not figured it up yet but i will at the time of sale.
if you do get the sub it will be shipped in a separate box but all of the other speakers will ship in one box.

payments can be made in money order.

please email me first no matter if you want the speakers or not.
email general0282001@yahoo.com
cell phone 1(865)851-4875