: New Caddy Owner Electrical Issue

01-14-12, 07:42 PM
First of heya to everyone , Im new to the forums and just bought myself my first caddy. Its a used 1998 ETC with the Northstar engine , even though I am aware it has some problems (minor I think and hope LOL) I believe it was a good purchase.

Anyway here is the issue I am having , I am technically inclined so hopefully with some help with people here I can get this first problem out of the way. The car came with a aftermarket JVC stereo installed , the previous owner instead of buying a wiring harness just cut the wires and spliced in the new radio (stupid and much more of a pain in my book). The original was a BOSE system. Anyway here is the issue I am having , the radio does work well , but whenever the car is shut off and left off say for about 15 min and then turned back on the JVC deck blinks off then on then off , you can hear the sound of the antenna. When you turn back on the radio the deck has totally been reset.

I believe perhaps he might have wired the deck wrong , because I knew the original deck had some sort of security system in it. Anyway and help would be appreciated and maybe a schematic of what color for what wires to what would be helpful so I can recheck and perhaps fix this issue.

By the way I paid 1400 for this car and its in pretty good shape over all , body is in great shape except for a small (shopping cart) ding on the door. There are some other small (at least I hope LOL) issues but I am taking them a little at a time.

01-16-12, 12:25 PM
It appears he hooked up the switchable hot lead and the constant hot leads together or did not hook up the constant hot lead at all. Loosing all presets means there's no constant voltage to the head unit. Probe the yellow and red wires on the deck itself. Red should be hot only with the key on and yellow should be hot regardless of key position. The blue wire on the deck is for power to the antenna.

01-17-12, 07:49 AM
Yea I finally got this figured out and all sqaured away. Seems the factory harness uses a bus type system , meaning there doesnt seem to be a constant 12v. I ended up running wire from the battery so it has a constant 12v power source. Probem solved now unto the next issue.