: how to find codes

01-14-12, 12:30 PM
i just recently got my transmission replaced and i have been getting check engine symbol and antilock bracke check but, no codes appear how do i find codes other than going to the dealer to put on machine.

01-14-12, 03:55 PM
It takes a very advanced code reader to pull anything other than engine codes. You won't find this capability at a parts store. It's either go to a very well equipped independent shop or a GM dealer.

01-14-12, 06:04 PM
Thats what i am looking for why it does not show an codes on my dic i can only see check engine symbol.

01-14-12, 07:08 PM
From other members, I've learned that Costco carries a code-reader that's a good value for STS owners. Try a search or maybe a member will post recommendations.

It would be nice if our cars would display diagnostic codes like some previous Cadillacs... That's life!

01-14-12, 08:50 PM
About the cheapest thing you'll find on the market that will read anything other than engine codes is a PC based system called AutoEnginuity for about $480 for the adapter and software. You'd have to have a PC as well. The next best bet is a TECH II which is about $3500 for all the components required.
Engine codes can be pulled with just about any CAN enabled code reader but ABS, body codes and the rest is another kettle of fish.

01-15-12, 10:18 AM
I have both the $35 Costco reader, it was called Code Key and worked surprisingly well for what it cost (It's an, Engine Only, Generic CAN-Bus/OBD-II code reader that will do an "Erase")

AND the AutoEnginuity Scanner/Diagnostic Tool that will do 95% of what the Tech-II will do and with the "Enhanced" package should be less than $400 from many vendors (other than AE themselves). There simply isn't a better Bang-for-the-Buck than an AE ;)

I usually whip-out the little Code Key for a simple SES light first because is just faster than firing-up the laptop and going through the whole scan & dump of the entire system, but when it comes to diagnosing a problem, the AE becomes invaluable.....