: Best Way to Launch the CTS-V?

CTS-V Dragon Wagon
01-14-12, 11:32 AM
Outside of an '86 Buick Grand National, I've had several AWD, turbocharged vehicles since then. Now that I have an '09 CTS-V as my DD, I am getting used to a high performance, RWD vehicle again. Question--what is the most effective way to launch the CTS-V from a stop? Thanks!

01-14-12, 12:57 PM
I have an automatic.
Whenever I'm at a light and anticipate some "spirited" driving,
I turn off the traction control, set it on manual mode, left foot brake/right foot throttle.
Since this car has so much torque, I find that brake torquing is not necessary. You just lose traction.
Light turns green, immediate half/two-thirds throttle. Once I'm sure traction is maintained, full throttle application.

Caveat...You cannot play off the rev limiter. I used to have an E60 M5 and can bounce around the rev limiter with no issues or loss of momentum.
In the Caddy, once you hit that rev limiter, there is a dramatic cut off in power that you actually lurch forward in your seat.

01-14-12, 12:59 PM
off idle, competition mode, sport trans setting(or go from P to D in regular mode, either way will get you into 1st), sport suspension, you need to ease it off idle very carefully and smoothly ease into the power. To much too soon confuses the trans and it'll downshift back into first, too little and it'll upshift too soon.

01-14-12, 01:04 PM
Very judicious use of throttle.
Not like AWD cars that you can simply mash and go.
You have to make sure traction is maintained...

01-15-12, 12:04 AM
At the track coming out with the TC on for the first 15ft or so then I would turn it off netted the best launch - 1.8x's stock car.

01-15-12, 12:52 AM
From threads I have read I would say for track guys, me included is off idle, tc on, turn off when hooked and fly. Some of the best recorded 1/4 times seem to use this method. TC off on the street just spins for me. I leave it on. No way I WOT with it off at 45mph :bonkers: