: Progress Report on 94 FWB

11-09-04, 08:31 PM
I've driven the car twice, on dry pavement on the interstate at speeds up to 80 mph, and in the rain today around the city/highway at speeds up to 60 mph.

I gave a little to much gas making a right turn into traffic, and I fish tailed a little bit just as traction control kicked on and pushed the gas pedal back.

The ride on this car is awesome, bumps and humps, they are nothing. :coolgleam But I have to slow down for speed bumps. Any other car I go a little fast over the speed bumps, but I dont want to damage further any of the suspension components in this massive luxary liner.

Steering is very tight, wheel cut is awesome. I know acceleration is good, I dont even give it a full throttle application and the car is moving nicely. I am having some difficulty feeling the power difference due to the RWD power train, size of the car, how quiet the engine is, and the digital speedometer. (Im used to Front wheel drive plow).

All systems are go go go! I started the car up today, and I saw LOAD LEVELING light up on the dash, and I think I faintly felt the car rising up, and the sound of the compressor. I accidently turned on the interior lamps by turning the head light knob instead of pulling it, I didnt realize that it controlled the lights. After looking through the manual and finding nothing, I looked at the switch for the light and noticed INTERIOR, I turned it, it clicked and the lights went out, what a relief! I thought perhaps the twi-light sentinal may have broken??? I did adjust the brightness of the LED gauges.

I had my head lights on since it was raining, and discovered the white lights on the hood working, and the turn signals as well. I also discovered turning to the rear of the car, when you apply the brake two little red dots light up over the back seat area around the center mount brake light.

Brakes are solid, the car seems to stop better then the 00 Taurus I normally drive.

The gas pedal seems a little harder to push on the Fleetwood, vs. any other car I have driven.

How ever, I think I have an oil leak. If you look in the 5.0 & 5.7 ltr forums, I have two pictures, one after I drove the car Saturday, and one after I drove the car today(Tuesday). Something is leaking and was advised it was an oil leak. I was hoping it wasnt that "Coolant seal" leaking, which I did post about previously causing the destruction of the distributer. If you know what it is, please advise. I have had one person give some input so far, and I appreciate that alot.

The transmission seems to shift smoothly, but some times I think it cant decide what gear to use, so it gets a little jerky.

Im glad I bit the bullet and bought the damn car. I love it! :worship:

Attached is a pic of something rusty under the hood, anyone know what that goes to? To give you an idea, this is right about the steering rod, on the DRIVER SIDE of the car. Doesnt look good. :hide:

11-10-04, 02:31 AM
That is your oil cooler line they run from the oil filter housing over to the drivers side of the radiator. Its actually the two lines together one is a feed the other is a return...

11-10-04, 11:26 AM
Yea, that would not be good if that was a rod, mainly because it would be a really thin rod. Fastwood is right, but I doubt that its a real concern.