: Musical Features-Is there currently a heated steering wheel feature?

01-10-12, 03:35 PM
I recently sold my 09 V and am trying to figure out what to replace it with. My 09 was a great car in many respects but failed in areas of quality control that just drove me crazy. Now I am considering a better equipped 12 and seem to recall that a heated steering wheel was added to the features at one time but do not see it listed on the 12's. Anyone know about this? I really like the heated wheel that was on my many other Caddies and even my Ram pickup. It saves me from wearing gloves in the winter which I hate.

Crystal Red CTS-V
01-10-12, 03:41 PM
I think the heated wheel is on other models, not the V.

01-10-12, 04:25 PM
The V's steering wheel is still not heated, sorry.

Also sorry to hear you got out of your V before you found a way to put Recaros in.

01-11-12, 10:21 AM
Get the suede, no reason for a heated wheel. :thumbsup:

01-11-12, 02:29 PM
Thanks. I guess I was confused. I thought it was added for 2010 or 2011. Neuronbob, if I could have found a set that was not a preproduction set I'm very sure they would have been plug and play. If I elect to buy another V I will buy with the Recaros.

01-12-12, 02:48 PM
Get the suede, no reason for a heated wheel. :thumbsup:

Si senor...

01-14-12, 11:43 PM
The V does not have a heated steering wheel becaue the button used to turn the heated wheel on/off is used on the V to enable/disable traction control. I really miss the heated steering wheel I had on my SRX. Why couldn't they have put the traction control button on the center console?