View Full Version : 08 CTS Engine Light on/dying battery after 27 point inspection :suspect: . HELP!!!

01-09-12, 05:33 PM
I have an 08 Cadillac CTS. It went for a 27 point inspection 2 weeks ago and "everything was perfect." Recently my battery has started dying randomly. More importantly my engine light is on. First flashing, now solid. It feels like its running kind of rough. Additionally my PSI gauge is staying pretty high. Can someone please give me some info??? I dont want to do back to the dealership sounding like an idiot (plus I'm a girl), I dont need them feeding me any BS. Thanks in advance!

01-09-12, 09:57 PM
I see you already have a thread in CTS forum. In the future, please refrain from posting in multiple forums. It just confuses the issue. Thanks.