: coilovers

01-09-12, 04:14 PM
im looking to redo the look of my car. instead of 22s and sitting up like a truck i want to get the car with an aggressive stance. i want to do an adjustable coilover setup instead of springs. i havent been able to find coilovers online or anything. i called d3 and they said that they had a custom coilover suspesion kit they they could do but i would ahve to ship my car all the way to cali to get it done (live in sc).

my question is if anyone knows of any coilover kits that are made for our cars... or if any other gm made cars are interchangeable with our cars. ie impala or some type of buick that has a coilover kit made for it. i really want to do this to stay with my caddy.

01-09-12, 04:53 PM
just bag it!

01-09-12, 04:56 PM
there are lowing springs but i never seen any coil overs for the sts. bags would feel better over all, but cost more. it would be nice to lower my sts, but with the ground effects, that wont be possible without ripping them off.

01-09-12, 06:34 PM
it seems a bit "gankster" for me with the co cains on the door lol but i love low vehicles check out www.stanceworks.com maybe you can find something with a simalar suspention type to look at

01-09-12, 06:55 PM

No thank you .....:vomit:

01-09-12, 09:20 PM
No thank you .....:vomit:

my thoughts exactly.

im not wanting to do bags. they wear out over time and are just too damn expensive. i want adjustable coils to ride hard.

scott i just started to get into stance, i stanced out a 350z that i just bought. it was an 03 with 3500 miles. too bad i just ran it into a tree. that is what got me hooked on stance and low.

i know it could have gone moar low but it was a good dd.

01-09-12, 10:08 PM
damn dude looks good! i was into bagged rides before i had a bagged s10 and kinda has me hooked but i sold it becuase i could not insure it becuase of modifications ;( but latley my buddy has been getting me into this whole stance thing thinking about buying my dads bmw one of these years he started turbo charging it and well to stance it out... but anywyas looks real good so did u write it off when you hit the tree?

01-09-12, 10:18 PM
yea i just found out today that the insurance was going to write it as a total loss. even tho i kinda figured.


im looking at an e30 that a friends dad is selling.


01-10-12, 12:47 PM
my mothers boss has one of those cars im not a fan i must admit but you could slam it and make it alright! why not another 350z?