: Locating a Vehicle 2008 STS

01-08-12, 08:32 PM
Members, I am trying to locate a 2008 STS, RWD ,Northstar V8,with:
Driver Awareness Accessory;Side Blind Zone Alert,and Lane Departure Alert Y53
Adaptive Cruise control K59, and HUD UV6, No black, Interior or Exterior.
Sunroof ,Nav, OK. Would take ALL extras, that come with this package.
I have looked through over 500 vehicles, Found some overpriced.
Found some mostly with the V6 engine. Is that a 1SG package ?
Is there a way (Trick) to use the VIN to find out the package in the car ?
Is there a site that you enter the VIN, and it tells you the package, it has ?
Any Distance, East coast or Central, preferred.
Need your help, Please.:confused::confused::confused:

01-08-12, 09:19 PM
Since comp nine went out of business, there is no way to run VIN's anymore (that I'm aware of) unless you have a dealership contact. What you're asking for is not common. They exist, but I had a lot of trouble finding one as well. Finally had to settle on one with everything, except the roof (although mine is AWD). If I decide to keep the car, I may add the factory sunroof.

01-08-12, 09:59 PM
While waiting for my car after some service about about 18 months ago, I saw an STS sales display listing trim levels and available options (& prerequisites). My personal favorite option is K59-ACC. The display showed it only availalble in 1SG cars (i.e. loaded V8's).

V6's were much more common after 2007 and HUD & the other options started showing up on lower trim levels. I don't insist that the car you want doesn't exist but it's likely to be rare.

Good luck!

01-09-12, 11:45 AM
You can find what equipment it has by looking at the label under the spare tire well cover. I photographed it and then looked up the RPO codes on my computer. This site is still working: http://cadillacfaq.com/rpo/index.php
If you have a good dealer with a friendly sales manager he might even look them up for you. (They might want to know too) Good luck on your search.

01-09-12, 12:29 PM
I've had great luck with Oodle finding vehicles -> http://cars.oodle.com/

You enter all the parameters and it's a pretty good web-crawler. You just have to be careful of the dates, it will pull "old" results...

CarFax and the like are Hit-&-Miss for accurate info, I wouldn't rely on any of them exclusively. I've always been able to find someone on a Forum who has the ability to pull the Factory history (a lot of enthusiasts work at dealerships) just ask around once you find a car you are serious about maybe...

01-09-12, 02:02 PM
Thank You, All your responces were great.Will keep looking !

01-09-12, 02:16 PM
This may be old news to you but I had luck with cars.com's advanced search. It allows you to customize your search. Additonaly, it shows both dealer and private sellers. What I found convenient was it saved the parameters of my search. I only had to plug in my parameters once. It's been over two years since I used it, but I remember correctly, it saved quite a bit of time and allowed me to quickly check each dealers inventory.


01-12-12, 12:50 PM
Another link to try, be sure to enter search info, zip code, etc: