: my 97 deville air ride compresor runs longer than a minute what could be the problem

01-08-12, 02:39 PM
I bought the car at auction and the rear end was sagging like crazy,I replaced the compressor, struts, ride height sensor, but not the springs or the lines, the lines seemed to be fine though.might I add these are all junk yard parts, but I really feel like they are all fine, no signs of damage or dry rot.when I turn the key on the compressor comes on after about ten seconds, just like I've heard its supposed to, but it keeps on running for at least two or three minutes, way over the ten seconds I've read about on here, also it never comes back on unless I turn it off and back on and again the same thing happens again.I can see the car raise up slowly but after riding for a little while it seems its right back down in the back, someone please, any suggestions at all????

01-16-12, 10:51 AM
Sorry for the tardy reply - if you ever see it...........

Basically, you still have an air leak. Just after key ON the rear should level, or maybe just a tad higher, and stay there forever. You need to get the car up on a lift, energize the compressor, let it do its thing, then spray everywhere with a soap solution/spray bottle. Bubbles = leak(s).