: Anyone change a rear wheel bearing, yet?

01-05-12, 10:58 PM
I have a LR which is humming, but it's not getting worse, so I have some time.

Anyone change one, yet? I know it's an assembly, $200-$300 depending on where/how good it is, but I've had a rear wheel off this car one time, and it wasn't for anything wheel bearing-related.


01-05-12, 11:10 PM
Maybe it doesn't know the words.

01-05-12, 11:39 PM
Maybe it doesn't know the words.


01-06-12, 06:49 AM
Maybe it doesn't know the words.

Gotta admit, that's a good one.

The tune isn't very melodic, unfortunately.

01-06-12, 11:38 AM
haha take it apart put it back together simple as that look up torque specs online and your ready to rock and role... it looks pretty straight forward on alldata i have nto done one yet but it wants you to take the upper control arm off of the spindle assembly whether you have to or not im not 100% sure just remove the brakes axel nut probably have to take the parking brake shoes off so you can remove the hub itself. doesent look to bad have fun! btw alldata states to be carefull with the axel so you dont rip the boot must be comon keep an eye out