: Question about GMX550 and onstar

01-02-12, 12:19 AM
I finally got around to installing my GMX550. I had considered returning it but I didn't find anything else that was much better. I installed it with a Motorola T605 bluetooth car kit and everything works great. The sound quality is actually pretty good for ipod and I'm a little unsure about all the complaints. i must say most of my must is 192kbps or more but it all sounded really good...no complaints. The T605 is really quite good and sound quality excellent for the price.
My 2 questions though:
-I was hoping to use my 2g (first gen iphone) as my ipod but it cannot be updated to OS4 and I guess for that reason the onscreen menus aren't working. Anyone else confirm this or know a workaround? I would rather not have to buy another ipod. Don't want to use my current iphone for music...it's a hassle to plug it in and I'll forget it in the car.
-For some reason my onstar has started talking to me and asking me if i want to listen to demos blah blah. Why would it enable itself if I installed the lockpick and bluetooth car kit (car kit was wired into the lockpick so not connections to the vehicle's wiring other than the lockpick plug n play harness)??
Anyone know how you can disable onstar? Do I need to do that or is ther some way to just turn it off?