: Are there dealers or brokers on forum who quote deals?

01-01-12, 05:09 PM
I couldn't find a Raven over ebony coupe 6sp manual, Recaro seats, midnight Sapelle wood trim and suede wheel and knob with standard no cost 19 " wheels within 1000 miles of Cincinnati to lease for 39 months with 15k yearly no money down (Ally lease incentive and $2000 as prewsent BMW lease) lease. I didn't know if any dealers or brokers watched the forums and would give quotes. I understand the incentives end the 3rd.

The forum has my email address so I can be pm's although I can't figure out how to do so.



01-01-12, 05:41 PM
Hands down the best salesperson I have EVER dealt with is James Quinn at Les Stanford Cadillac in Dearborn, MI. He will get you GM preferred pricing plus all incentives/rebates that GM is offering at the time you do the paperwork on the car. His lease rates are lower than any other dealer I checked with.

Check him out.

James C. Quinn
Les Stanford Chevrolet-Cadillac
313-724-1430 Direct
Email: James_Quinn@lesstanford.com

Tell him the good old Doc from L.A. sent you!

I have acquired my last 4 new Cadillacs from James and I wouldn't dream of going elsewhere. I am in Los Angeles and I only deal with him and he is all the way in Michigan.

01-01-12, 06:43 PM
Thank you CTS V twin,

Presently there are $4800 of incentives available in part due to my BMW financial lease. However, they unfortunately expire Tuesday, the 3rd. I just sent him an e-mail. Hopefully we can put something together. I will keep you informed. Thank you so much for the advice.

Happy new year,



Are you a medical doctor? If so, what specialty? I only ask because I defend physicians and medical malpractice actions and I'm always looking for potential new expert witnesses if you are interested.

Thanks again.


01-02-12, 11:30 AM
James will take great care of you. He has taken care of myself and about 10 others on this forum and everyone is super satisfied with him.

I am not an M.D. Our company name for what we do has the Dr. title in it.

Let me know how it goes with James.

Glad I could help out.

01-02-12, 03:27 PM
I will happily do so. Thanks again for your suggestion.


01-02-12, 04:06 PM
James will take great care of you. He has taken care of myself and about 10 others on this forum and everyone is super satisfied with him.

Make that 11 - I pick up my car from the local dealer in Austin tomorrow. It's really been the easiest and most hassle-free car buying experience I've ever had. It also doesn't hurt that the lease payment will wind up being around half what I was paying to buy my previous M5...

01-03-12, 12:35 PM
Good to know.

Did you have to pay for the delivery to the Austin dealership? I assume you will have it serviced at the Austin dealership. How did it take the loss of the sale?

01-03-12, 04:42 PM
James set up my Courtesy Delivery with my local dealer and did all the paperwork with them. I had to pay my local dealer a small Courtesy Delivery fee to cover the PDI process, detail, gas and as well as the DMV fee for them to register my car for me. With how much James saved me, the Courtesy Delivery fee didn't really affect my deal.

If/when you deal with James and see what he is capable of doing, you will be impressed and you will be a repeat buyer. I have been a loyal Les Stanford customer since 2009 when I hooked up with Scott Montgomery (Sales Manager at Les Stanford) through the Corvetteforum.com and Scott put me in touch with James and now, I will ONLY buy from him. The stuff I have seen him pull off with GM is amazing! Nobody else I have ever dealt with has been able to do what James does. I call him the magic man!

01-03-12, 04:48 PM
James told me he would get back in types with me Wednesday. I was unable to find a dealer trade to match my "must haves" for my car. Today, the available incentives ended. He will know tomorrow what is available in terms of incentives.

He must be something. I am like you, when I find someone who treats me that good, I go out of my way to tell my friends.

Thanks again,


01-03-12, 04:59 PM
James is simply amazing! You will see it when you deal with him through the entire buying process. I have referred him to my friends, family and everyone on this board. Everyone has so far agreed that he is great!