: For debate -permanently disable antilock and traction control...?

01-01-12, 01:44 PM
I recently viewed a television motoring program in which the host admitted it was his preference to disable the antilock brakes on his vehicle. He claimed he preferred to have control of the braking system rather than the vehicle computer and this was the first thing he'd do anytime he would take delivery of a new vehicle.
This is an interesting concept and I'd like to add traction control into the mix.
I hate our traction control !!
It seems to intervene at the most inappropriate circumstances..(winter conditions only)..like when you're attempting to enter a flow lane from a stop sign etc with oncoming traffic and the starting point is slippery. You get on it and on comes traction control and kills all advancement. Sure you can switch it off (which likely does not kill it completely) but then it defaults and reinstates...simply annoying and when would this actually prove effective for the advanced driver. ( A side tidbit some may not know is if you hold the traction control button long enough you also disable skid control)
Then to address antilock..I know antilocks best attributes are to offer the driver steering control in an emergency braking situation but I really think I'd be in better control of my vehicle if I could have full control of my brakes especially again in winter conditions..
Much could be debated on the benefits of each but I think I'd like to try driving without them and so i ask..are these systems protected with fuses and if so where might they be located ? (I ask this without investigating and will do so but should someone have a quick response this would be appreciated)
Comments ?

edit: I suspect pulling said fuse(s) may likely trigger a code or alert ?

01-02-12, 03:12 PM
Murphy I hear what you're saying but you have to keep in mind that the AWD in our tucks needs the ABS and the VSES in order to work with the open style transfer case. I imagine it would still work on dry pavement but in a very slippery situation it would probably throw all kinds of codes and get very litttle traction....

01-02-12, 03:18 PM
I agree but at the very least possibly there is a way to activate the traction control switch to full time on so it won't default off at each start ? No likely way to eliminate ABS I'd surmise..

01-02-12, 03:37 PM
Since ABS and TC all use the same hardward and software for the most part, Id think you could remove the aBS fuse and have both ABS and TC off. For certain situations, it might be worth it just to live with the codes.

01-02-12, 03:53 PM
Sounds interesting. If you try it let us know your findings.

01-03-12, 06:47 AM
There is a big debate about this, when I was living in Switzerland and working for Ferrari in late 99' we were given the task of beating the computer with and without traction control and with or without active handling, the computer always won, in our trucks it is different, but comes down to what kind of traction your tires are giving you, using the stock 22's on my one platinum's and seriously getting stuck in my driveway because the stock tires offer the traction of SLICKS, my other platinum with off road tires not only did it pull my stuck truck out, it did it without barely spinning the tires, it's real light snow because of the temps being under zero but it's a few feet deep right now. :thumbsup: