: 2002 Eldo rear air suspension how to check

01-01-12, 12:41 PM
i just bought a 2002 ESC and i already know driver side knuckle bushing is bad (no big deal gonna replace tomororw) but i notice the air suspension is not pumping up or coming on whenever i add weight to trunk or start car how can i check or get it to activate already checked fuse under hood for pump thats good and checked fuse behind back seat for control and thats good were do i start???

01-01-12, 03:10 PM
Your car has its own built-in code reader/scanner/memory for Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Study the sticky post ^^^ "How to pull codes. Practice, write any codes down, and note whether each is Current or History. Return to the sticky and open the link with "obd2" in the address - this will take you to a Master Index of all P,B,C, and U codes. Decipher your codes, write it all down and post it all here.

You're looking for Level Control codes - there is no "air suspension". The only function of the shock bladders is load control - and that's done with a compressor, control solenoid, height sensors, air lines, and bladders. The compressor may have failed due to moisture - the filter/dryer tends to load up with snot created by air compression. If that's the case you can look at the Suncore site or talk to Chris in Parts at Rippy Cadillac over there >>>> The compressor assembly is up in the RR fenderwell inside the plastic liner. If a height sensor fault shows up it's either the sensor itself or the control arm link may be disconnected. Suspension arm to frame.

Click on my username, open my profile. Two picture albums, 6 pages, with pictures and diagrams of some of the Level Control components.