: 2006 STS 8,600 miles - What is it worth?

01-01-12, 12:34 PM
Hi, I am new to the forum, what a great site and a wealth of information! My dad has a 2006 STS, white diamond with the cashmere interior with luxury package, it is a V6, RWD, no sunroof. He wants to sell it as he wants to get a new SRX and I was wondering if anyone can help me with getting an idea of what we should list it for? Thanks in advance for the help!

01-01-12, 12:56 PM
Where are you? Location will have a lot to do with it as well...

01-01-12, 01:17 PM
We are in northwest Indiana, about 45 minutes east of Chicago.

01-01-12, 01:46 PM
Being that 8,600 actual miles is very low for a 2006, is your dad the original owner? That would help a bit, as would if it were covered by an extended warranty. Once a car leaves warranty, it becomes very hard to get coverage.

Unfortunately, it is still a six-year-old car, so OEM tires would be due for replacement. Condition will help some.

01-01-12, 03:01 PM
No extended warranty and michelin's are original. He is the second owner, both owners seniors, car is spotless and been garage kept, looks and smells like new. So, looks, miles good for selling price, tires and warranty bad for selling price? Any thoughts on what we should ask?

01-01-12, 03:04 PM
13000 v6 not your friend, seeing it does not have a sunroof it probably doesent have navigation then not having magnetic ride control i wouldent pay 13,000 but thats prob what it woudl be listed for around here in ontario

01-01-12, 03:12 PM
13 might even be stretching it... especially because it's a RWD up north.

01-01-12, 05:23 PM
That sounds like a great car.. what do you want for it

01-01-12, 06:52 PM
I offer $8k cash today.

01-01-12, 08:52 PM
I'd go $11k and pick it up!

01-01-12, 09:28 PM
2006 STS V6, 8600 miles ZIP 46601
Private party value
Excellent $17,466
Very Good $17,016
Good $16,666
Fair $15,316

01-01-12, 11:16 PM
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