: Dear GM/Cadillac (94 STS)

11-08-04, 05:26 PM
Dear GM,

I have never owned anything other than GM vehicles. I am 31 years old and growing up, I had reliable, cheap, easy to fix Chevys with V8s that made driving fun for a 17 - 24 year old male. THANK YOU FOR THAT.

Now, I'm married, my wife drives a 1998 Saturn SL2 that has been perfect from day one. A mini luxury car with all options other than leather. Traction control, AC, smart transmission, the only car I have ever bought brand new. Never a failure and at 55k miles is getting 26 avg MPG and 33 on the freeway.

Last week, I traded in my perfect 1994 Caprice Classic with 130,000 miles (actually, sold it to little brother) and picked up my first "non-Chevy". This 10 year old STS with 87K miles on it works and drives like a swiss watch. The doors close with just a nudge, not the "slam" that I'm used to driving 70's/60's Chevys. The car starts on a dime, every electrical function works as if it were new, and the power and economy of the Northstar V8, the smooth yet snappy shifts of the automatic transmission, have made me even more loyal to GM than ever.

Thank you for building this great car for me in 1994. Here, in 2004 it is serving someone who can't quite yet afford a new 2005 STS with all wheel drive, but someone who is very likely to trade up to one when he can afford it.

I just GET General Motors. They have worked for me and I'm pleased as punch moving up from Chevy to Cadillac. I will probably own other Chevys in my future, however, my STS is like home away from home.


gloria smith
11-09-04, 02:46 PM
Good for you Adam,
But we all know that S___t happens! I too love the GM products, I just happen to bought the XLR too soon I guess (First Production). It was a Lemon! The lemon didn't hurt as much as the treatment I got from GM. Read my Thread title "Two Thumbs Down"
Gloria :helpless:

11-15-04, 01:07 PM

I'm sorry something on your car didn't work. Does your state have a lemon law? Luckily mine does.

Good luck in the future, and I hope you won't rule out buying another GM vehicle, as I have read about lemons in every line of vehicle. I know I have been lucky.