: Moore Cadillac Hummer CTS problems

11-08-04, 05:04 PM
Ok so I drop my car off for the 4TH TIME!!! Because it feels like the tranny is slipping shifting from 1st to 2nd...this time I contacted GM before bringing the car in for my scheduled Monday Appointment. Anywho..I bring my car in on Monday to drop it off...the service writer that made the appointment isnt there(this is the 3rd time the same thing has happened) so I wonder around and find another writer...Tell him the issues and he says they'll call me the same night and let me know how long they will need my car and what they think is going on, I also tell them please do not wash the car(I used to detail cars for over 4 years and Im very picky about it...afterall its black) he says he understands, no big deal....Monday night at work....NO CALL....Tuesday at work.....NO CALL....Wednesday...I call from work...again, there is no service writer the receptionist can connect me with...at 3:00PM btw....so she looks my car up in the system...its on hold for parts she says...then she connects me with a service tech...My car is on hold for 1 part...A TRANSMISSION!!!! Now granted this is what I wanted from the beginning because something was obviously wrong with the car...but it would have been nice to know that my car was getting a transmission, at least I would have had some idea of a time frame...IT GETS MUCH BETTER....

Thursday comes and the service writer finally calls me and explains my car is getting a tranny and it should be there that day and tells me it will be Friday night or more likely Monday before I get it back...no big deal...

Friday comes and at 4:30pm I get a call saying my car is finished...wow I thought they actually did something ahead of schedule...kind of but with NOVA traffic it would be impossible for me to make it so I plan to pick the car up Saturday morning.....

Saturday...I come in to pick my car up at around 11:30AM...
Please look at the pictures of my car...this is EXACTLY what it looked like when I picked it up from MOORE CADILLAC in VIENNA VIRGINIA...please note the scratches and the scuff marks from where someone obviously hit a curb with it....the gap in the foglight and the bumper, and the dent on the side...thank god my wheels werent damaged...trust me the front bumper was in no way like this when I dropped the car off....

Long story short...I talk directly with the Service Manager...says they will fix the bumper...blah blah and they will call me to set up a time...this was last Saturday October 30, I have yet to hear from them as of today Monday November 8!!!!!

Oh and btw GM scheduled a follow up on October 27 before they knew I was getting a new tranny...they havent called me either...






gloria smith
11-09-04, 02:55 PM
Hey Hummer!
I know the feeling, been there done that! Read my Thread "Two Thumbs Down"
Gloria :helpless:

02-24-05, 02:40 PM
I hope Cadillac is reading this. Moore cadillac will not return calls nor call you to let you know when your car is done or not done. I have complaim to them about this and they said someone would call to address with me the issues but they never did. Anyways, I no longer take my CTS-V to Moore but now to Lindsay Cadillac and am very happy.

05-03-05, 04:04 PM
My car just got dropped off this morning for a trans diagnosis because I'm having the same issues you had. I'm also curious as to who is responsible for the %33 less gas mileage I've been getting due to the malfunction. At $2.90 a gallon, I hope they don't expect me to let this blow over either.
If anyone would like to talk about these related issues, please just call me.
Travis Brown